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Long- Covid and Work

We are increasingly becoming more aware of the long-term, detrimental impact Covid-19 can have on a person’s health. Although there is not a huge amount of current research into Long-Covid yet, as an organization we are seeing an increased number of Long-Covid related referrals. A… Read More »Long- Covid and Work

Pandemic Presenteeism

There has been lots of talk from organisations about the end of presenteeism now that people have a choice of where they can work from.   For those of you who do not know what presenteeism is, it is when people work while they are mentally… Read More »Pandemic Presenteeism

Social isolation and working

So, you’ve listened to the government announcement on work and you realise that you aren’t going to be able to go into your workplace for some time. Your isolation is going to continue with uncertainty over when you will be able meet your work colleagues… Read More »Social isolation and working

New Way Of Working

Hello From today SOHAS is moving to a telephone based advice service. If you live or work in Sheffield and you want some advice on a work and health issue, please go to our website and click on the Ask the Expert tab to send a… Read More »New Way Of Working

Caffeine and Productivity

Caffeine, the world’s most commonly used drug; be it through coffee, tea or energy drinks. As someone whose coffee consumption can only be described as an aberration; having since stepped into the realm of the workplace, my consumption of coffee hit an all time high.… Read More »Caffeine and Productivity