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Sheffield Occupational

Health Advisory Service

The first step to getting one to one support and advice when your health is impacted by your working environment

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The service we provide is free, confidential and accessible to anyone who lives or works in Sheffield.


Since the start of the organisation, we have given advice to over 60,000 people.


Our team of highly skilled and experienced advisers are capable of helping whether your issue is straightforward or complex.

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“The advisor is fantastic at listening and really empathetic. They really helped me and I’m very grateful for their ongoing support. They provided invaluable advice not only face to face but also via email and helped me during a very difficult time with my current employer”

– SOHAS service user

“SOHAS has been invaluable in providing a supportive service to our clients who have sustained a brain injury. 

Our staff members have liaised with SOHAS employees via email, over the phone and in person, and have always found their advice and recommendations to be timely and helpful. Their expertise in the employment sector and knowledge around the intricacies of employment rights and law have been beneficial to our clients, especially those who require advocacy. Their input has enabled a number of brain injury survivors to map out a realistic return to work and to retain their jobs. We cannot recommend their service highly enough!”

– Clinician

How long does it take to see a SOHAS advisor?

We aim to give you advice within 2 weeks of you making contact with us. In 95% of the time, it takes no more than 7 days to have an appointment with a SOHAS adviser.

What happens during an advice session?

The SOHAS adviser will ask for some details about yourself, what job you do and what kind of help you need from the adviser.

What happens to the information I give to the adviser?

We record information that is required to fulfil our contracts with our funders. Any information you give us is confidential and is stored appropriately under GDPR regulations. It will only be shared if you consent to it.

Do I have to tell my employer that I am getting advice from an adviser?

No, what you tell your employer is entirely up to you. We can contact your employer if you consent to doing so.

How long can you give me advice for?

Unlike lots of advice services, we will give you advice and support for long as you need it. Our services are time unlimited. You can come back at any time to get more advice, whether that is to do the same issue you came to us with or if you want help on a different issue.

What happens if I need some advice that the adviser can’t give me?

We give advice on workplace health issues. Unlike lots of services we are specialists, if you want some advice that is outside our remit, you will be informed and referred to an extensive network of organisations who have specialists in the field you need.

Do you give advice on work related benefits such as employment support allowance?

SOHAS Advisers are experts in all work related benefits, including employment support allowance, Personal Independence Payment, Statutory Sick Pay and Access to Work.

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Would you like to make a complaint?

If you are unhappy with the advice and support you have been given, you can use the SOHAS complaints procedure.

Please contact the SOHAS manager on 0114 275 5760 or email with details of your complaint. The SOHAS manager will get in contact with you to discuss the issues raised in your complaint.

If you are unhappy with the way the SOHAS manager has dealt with your complaint, you can contact the chair of the trustees who will review the way your complaint has been dealt with. Ring 0114 275 5760 and ask to speak to the SOHAS administrator. You will be contacted by the chair who will review your complaint.

Sheffield Occupational Health Advisory Service

SOHAS is a registered charity that was established in 1980.

Our main objective is to provide support and advice for people whose health is affected by their work and to help and support them to keep their job. Since the start of the organisation, we have given advice to over 60,000 people.

The service we provide is free and confidential and is accessible for anyone who lives or works in Sheffield who have any type of health issue. We give advice either face to face or by Teams, Zoom, WhatsApp or over the telephone.

We have a team of advisers who have over 40 years of experience of keeping people in employment. Their skills and expertise are unrivalled and they can help you if your issues are straightforward or complex.

Our work is funded by Sheffield City Council, Sheffield IAPT, Sheffield Health and Social Care Trust and Sheffield Autism Partnership Network.