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Projects and Services

Projects and Services

We are a learning organisation, with a rolling programme of training for advisers. Our advisers go to workplace health events on a regular basis. We invite specialists in workplace health related areas to meet advisers and discuss new developments that can improve our service delivery.

We hold meetings to present information about our work to practitioners, academics and clinicians providing workplace health masterclasses for organisations who refer patients to our advice services.

A project aiming to help people whose health is affected by their work.

We work alongside Sheffield IAPT providing support to people who use the service who need help and support on workplace health issues

We have received funding from Sheffield Autism Partnership Network to carry out research on autism and employment in partnership with Sheffield University.

Further Information

Through the Sheffield Health and Social Care Trust Waiting List Initiative we are working to help reduce the waiting time for patients who are on the trusts waiting lists.

We work with employers and their employees in South Yorkshire to produce an occupational health report that provides advice, support and practical solutions to keep people healthy and productive at work. We can follow up with workplace visits and meetings if needed.  We can usually provide an appointment and a report within 10 working days. We work with small businesses to government departments. 

The reports we provide are advisory. We are not occupational health physicians or nurses and we are not a SEQOHS service, we use our 40 years experience of giving advice to employees and our in depth experience of employer behaviour to produce reports that are practical and straight forward to understand.   

For further details please contact Sarah Cooke by telephone on (0114) 2755760 or email

Workplace Health Programme
Further Information

We are funded by Sheffield City council to provide Sheffield’s job retention service which helps people whose health is affected by their work stay in employment.

SOHAS advisers work out of 24 GP surgeries with the majority of patients being referred by their GP, we also get referrals from a number of voluntary and health organisations from across the city.

The team of skilled and experienced advisers provide advice and support to patients whose work is affecting their health who are still at work or are off sick from work to return to work.

The majority of patients who are referred to us, have mild to moderate mental health conditions, such as stress and anxiety. We also help and support patients with a range of health issues both psychological and physical, simple or complex.

The team of advisers have considerable expertise in work related benefits, including Employment and Support Allowance, Personal Independent Payments and Statutory Sick Pay. We also help people who have been injured at work and want to claim Industrial Injury Disablement Benefit.

We have our own bespoke database to record our work. This allows us to see any emerging trends in workplace health issues and alter the way we give advice where appropriate. We also have a great understanding of employer behaviour towards workplace health issues and why they act in the way they do. We will with the consent of the patient engage with managers and employers to give them information that help them understand what the best way is to help their employee.

Improving Access to Psychological Therapies Employment Service (IAPT EA)

We are funded by Sheffield IAPT to provide an employment advice service across Sheffield. We have two EA advisers who are imbedded in the IAPT service, working alongside IAPT workers

Patients are referred by IAPT workers to the EA advisers who work in a similar way to their colleagues on the Workplace Health Programme. The advisers help people mainly with stress and anxiety related to their work. The EA service has the same outcome as the Workplace Health programme, which is to keep patients in employment. The service shares the same database and allows the advisers to analyse what issues patients tell them about to ensure that the service reflects current health and work issues.

Sheffield Autism Partnership Network
Autism and Employment Research

We have received funding from Sheffield Autism Partnership Network to carry out research on autism and employment in partnership with Sheffield University.

The aim of the research is to gain greater understanding of the issues autistic employees face at work and what kind of practical support can be given to employers to keep their autistic employees at work and be more productive.

We expect to publish the result of our work in July 2022

Sheffield Health and Social Care Trust Waiting List Initiative
Further Information

We are in partnership with several voluntary organisations to help reduce waiting lists for patients who are on the Trust’s waiting list. We are giving advice and support to patients who have complex workplace health issues to stay in work. We expect that this work will end in July 2022.