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SOHAS regularly blogs about a range of workplace health issues, where you can find resources that employers and employees can be used to help on keeping and returning staff to work.  The topics below are just some the more recent blog posts. When you click on the read more link to the blog post, you will see details of all blog post.

A new wellness action plan

While SOHAS has been using wellness action plans (WAP) for a long time, we recognised that there was need for a revised WAP that reflected the increasing number of employees that have more complex mental health issues. The WAP uses our learning from our advice service to provide the opportunity for employees to go into more detail about their mental health and work issues to help them stay at work.

Technostress – How can we manage it’s impact

AI, automation and digitisation is becoming more prevalent in people’s work. In this blog we look at the issue of “technostress” which is stress caused by these technologies and a potential solution that could reduce their impact on employee health and wellbeing.

Autism and employment - A guide for employers

The number of people on the autistic spectrum who are in employment is very low, but evidence shows that autistic employees do bring a diverse and valuable  skill set into companies. This guide provides information on the best ways to support autistic employees to stay productive at work.

Menopause support plan

Menopause is a health issue that employees find difficult to talk to their employers and line managers when the symptoms start to affect their work. You can download the support plan that takes you through about how can put together a practical plan on what kind of support you need to keep you or your employee at work.

Common women’s reproductive health conditions

We realised that many women and men didn’t have a clear understanding on a number of women’s reproductive health issues. In this blog we provide clear information on the 4 most common health issues.