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Sleep and Work

In the 1980’s I remember politicians and businessmen telling people how little sleep they needed to a run a country or a conglomerate. The magic figure seemed to be 4 hours with the implication being that if you slept any longer you wouldn’t be able… Read More »Sleep and Work

Mental Health Resilience

I’ve found that the term “resilience” is used a lot in describing the mindset that organisations want to see in their employees as a way of improving not just personal, but organisational wellbeing. While this is welcome, the increasing focus on workplace wellbeing provision should… Read More »Mental Health Resilience

Mental Health Awareness

I was at a meeting recently and I was talking to a boss of an SME about mental health in the workplace. I had been talking to him about the current issues and while he appeared interested, his response was “If anyone in my company… Read More »Mental Health Awareness

Loneliness at work

The launch of the commission on loneliness this week has highlighted some interesting facts by encouraging people to share their experiences. One of the key points that have been raised is the assumption many make of associating loneliness only with older people. Another common myth… Read More »Loneliness at work

Domino Effect of Disengagement

When in ‘good work’ we are more likely to be engaged employees; adopting the vision and values of the organisation, being focused and enthused about our tasks, sharing ideas, being adaptable and persistent in changing or difficult situations. Unfortunately, however, many people experience situations that… Read More »Domino Effect of Disengagement

Good Work?

My aim is to post on a more regular basis from now on. All comments welcome. I was interested by the recent news that the Welsh government had used some research by the New Economic Foundation (NEF) (1) on what was a “good job” as… Read More »Good Work?