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Wellness Action Plan Training for Line Managers (WAP)

SOHAS has put together a training package for employers to help them use WAPs in the workplace to manage employees with health conditions in work and on their return to work from a period of sickness absence.
A WAP is a practical relapse prevention plan that aims to promote communication between the employee and their manager and shares responsibility for that person's health condition in the workplace.
It is a tool a manager or employer can have alongside existing policy and procedure to help reduce sickness absence, increase productivity, implement effective reasonable adjustments at work and in turn reduce the likelihood of employee legal action. The action plan can be used for employees with either mental health or physical problems that are preventing them to return to work.
The training course is run by experienced SOHAS advisers and lasts 3 hours  minutes. We can train up to 20 managers at each session, making the training excellent value for money.
Managers who attended a recent training session, found it to be a very useful and practical tool that was easy to implement. One of the comments we received after the latest training session said " An excellent presentation by knowledgeable people with obvious experience"

SOHAS WAP Training
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Your premises/workplace
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3 Hours
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