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Our Annual Report

Annual Review 2019/2020 

Our work during the pandemic

We have worked hard over the past year to adapt our advice services during the pandemic to ensure that we continued to give people excellent advice and to help them to stay in work. We have developed new referral routes with the result that we have increased the number of organisations who refer by 50% and a new referral system is Long Covid Support Unit at Sheffield Teaching Hospital Trust. The people who have been referred often have complex health conditions which have resulted in them being off work for longer periods than we usually see. We have used our experience and knowledge of supporting people with long term health conditions to return to work.

What patients think of our service

“If it wasn’t for the SOHAS and their calm and confident advice, I would not be back at work. They have supported me during a very difficult and complex grievance/work place bullying issue while I was suffering from severe anxiety. I have only just returned but he has supported they every step of the way, they remained flexible with their time, always returned my calls or emails and always been consistent and supportive. An amazing person. Very impressed.” 

What GP's think of our service

“There’s never been a greater need for SOHAS. The Covid pandemic has altered working lives hugely, whether having to work face to face with Covid patients or working from home. Working environments can have their physical dangers as always, but now stress takes a significant toll. SOHAS has been supporting patients facing these pressures for over 30 years at Birley Health Centre. It’s an invaluable service.” 

What Clinicians think of our service

“SOHAS have been invaluable in providing a supportive service to our clients who have sustained a brain injury. Our staff members have liaised with SOHAS employees via email, over the phone and in person; and have always found their advice and recommendations to be timely and helpful. Their expertise in the employment sector and knowledge around the intricacies of employment rights and law have been beneficial to our clients, especially those who require advocacy. Their input has enabled a number of brain injury survivors to map out a realistic return to work and to retain their jobs. We could not recommend their service highly enough!” 

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