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Our Annual Report

Annual Report 2018/2019 Headline Figures

We gave advice to 1800 people during the year, 65% work for organisations with under 250 employees 60% of people who we gave advice to, said that they would have lost their job without our support Every GP surgery in Sheffield referred at least one patient to our services, although we only have advisers in 32% of GP surgeries We supported 275 people to get work related benefits that helped them to stay in the job. 

What are the outcomes of our work?

  • We lower people's stress at work We reduce people's visits to their GP's.
  • We help improve people's conditions at work
  • We reduce presenteeism, leaveism and sickness absence at work

What people think of our service

The Patient "The adviser is fantastic at listening and really empathetic. They really helped me and I'm very greateful for their ongoing support. They provided me with invaluable support and helped me during a very difficult time with my current employer"

The Clinician "It is always a lovely experience. Patients give me lovely feedback about the help they have received from SOHAS and about the sensitivity with they are dealt with."

The Employer "Our employee was struggling to come back to work after a period of sickness absence. Talking to the SOHAS adviser was really helpful, they gave some practical advice on the best way to get out our employee back to work and keep them at work."

If would like to read the full report, please click on the link below.