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IAPT Employment Adviser Project

Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) is a part of Sheffield Health & Social Care NHS Foundation Trust.  The aim of IAPT is to provide psychological treatments called talking therapies to help people who are feeling depressed (low mood) or anxious (worry).  The treatments IAPT offer are in line with the NICE guidelines for anxiety and depression.  They are available in all GP surgeries in Sheffield. SOHAS employs 2 IAPT Employment Advisers (funded by IAPT Sheffield) who see patients whose mental health has been negatively impacted by work or who have a mental health condition that is affecting their work.In Sheffield the effect of poor mental health and wellbeing appears to be more acute than in other cities as Sheffield has a higher proportion of public sector workers as an overall total of the working population.  The Employment Advisers see this in the amount of help and support they provide to public sector workers from the Civil Service, Education, NHS and Sheffield City Council.  The Employment Advisers will see approximately 450 patients in this financial year.

Project Synopsis: 

Providing employment and health support to clients whose mental health may have been affected by work or those who have a mental health condition that impacts on their job.

Project Status: 
Project Contact Name : 
Nick Pearson
Project Contact Number: 
0114 2755760